Sustainable & powerful passive income

Diversify your DeFi exposure, without the headache of managing multiple accounts.


You’re 4 steps away from passive income


Buy $PENT tokens

Go to QuickSwap and exchange Matic tokens for PENT. Make sure to buy enough for the level of node(s) you'd like to set up.


Create a node

Once you have your tokens, open the app, connect your wallet, then click approve & create to turn your PENT into a node.


Claim rewards

Each day your rewards will grow. When you're ready to claim, simply click "Claim All Rewards" and they'll be added to your wallet



Once you've claimed your rewards you now have more PENT which can be used to create more nodes. The more nodes you create, the more rewards you get.

STEP 5 (optional)

Fuse your nodes

Fusion is a process which combines several lower tier nodes into a higher tier node. So if you run out of space for new nodes, you can fuse them so your rewards keep growing.


What makes Pentagon Finance different?

Benefits all participants

We are continuously working on making the protocol beneficial to everyone.

Lower & more sustainable rewards

By setting our rewards to a sustainable rate, our APYs are built to last.

Burn mechanics for more stability

Every time nodes are fused together a significant amount of PENT is burned.

Quick & cheap transactions

We decided to build on top of Polygon to ensure quick and cheap transactions, and to make passive income easily accessible for everyone

Cheap entry cost

You only need 1 PENT to set up a node, so getting started is very affordable.

Trustworthy & transparent

Our team has been KYC'd by Assure DeFi.


Compound rewards to super-charge growth

The Pentagon Finance system is designed to incentivize compounding your rewards for maximum income. By continuously creating and fusing nodes your rewards increase exponentially, and you will in turn achieve powerful passive income.


The benefit of diversification,
without the hassle.

Spreading your investments over multiple DeFi protocols is a great way to reduce your risk, but it can be a lot of work having to manage multiple accounts. When you invest in Pentagon, we do this diversification for you, so you get the benefit of reduced risk without the extra hassle.


What is PENT?

PENT is the token that powers the Pentagon Finance protocol. The PENT token is used to create and rent nodes and is issued as a reward to node-holders for participating in the protocol. PENT tokens will give users rights to vote on future investments and development proposals.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is DaaS?

DaaS (DeFi-as-a-Service) is a new concept in DeFi where a protocol invests in other DeFi protocols for the user.

Diversification can simultaneously decrease risk and increase profit, however, proper diversification is hard to manage in DeFi.

DeFi moves very quickly, so keeping track of DeFi-trends is very hard and time consuming.

DeFi-as-a-Service helps solve this problem because the protocol will take on the burden of research and risk-management.

What is NaaS?

NaaS (Nodes-as-a-Service) is a DeFi-concept where an entity invests in and operates blockchain nodes for the investor.

NaaS is beneficial to everyone, because it helps secure the blockchain(s) the node(s) operate on, but it will also produce revenue for the protocol and user.

Setting up a blockchain node is expensive and time consuming. NaaS helps solve this by combining community funds to set up and operate nodes.

Why Polygon?

Polygon is a fast, affordable and ever-growing layer-two solution.

No one wants to pay hundreds of dollars to interact with the blockchain.

Polygon is more inclusive than Ethereum and other blockchains, and that is exactly why we love it so much.

Still got questions? Checkout our docs.


An anonymous team you can trust.

We’ve gone through the KYC process with Assure so you can have the peace of mind investing in a trustworthy team.

Start earning passive income today